OPHA 2021 - Children's Hunter Pony

Horse Owner Rider Shows Points
1    Dipped in Chocolate Wolf Creek Equestrian Center Emerson M. Bern 3 106.00
2    Captain Jack Kimberley J. Krug Kimberley J. Krug 2 54.00
3    Balsham Meadow Artemis Emily Coley Emily Coley 2 46.00
4    Zoolander Madison Spangle Caelan J. Bell 1 28.00
5    Texas Ranger Kyndall N. Rodriguez Kyndall N. Rodriguez 1 26.00
6    Salem's Life of Riley Stella O. Rembielak Stella O. Rembielak 1 14.00
7    Prince Charming Susan Lloyd Vivian B. Walters 2 12.00
Horse: Dipped in Chocolate
Owner: Wolf Creek Equestrian Center
Rider: Emerson M. Bern
Shows: 3
Horse: Captain Jack
Owner: Kimberley J. Krug
Rider: Kimberley J. Krug
Shows: 2
Horse: Balsham Meadow Artemis
Owner: Emily Coley
Rider: Emily Coley
Shows: 2
Horse: Zoolander
Owner: Madison Spangle
Rider: Caelan J. Bell
Shows: 1
Horse: Texas Ranger
Owner: Kyndall N. Rodriguez
Rider: Kyndall N. Rodriguez
Shows: 1
Horse: Salem's Life of Riley
Owner: Stella O. Rembielak
Rider: Stella O. Rembielak
Shows: 1
Horse: Prince Charming
Owner: Susan Lloyd
Rider: Vivian B. Walters
Shows: 2

Judged in less than required shows

Last Updated 24 Feb 2021


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