OPHA 2021 - Children's Jumper

Horse Owner Rider Shows Points
1    Exsar's Legacy Kathy Henry Gabrielle R. Adams 4 80.00
2    Pull the Trigger Isabelle A. Burr Isabelle A. Burr 3 46.00
3    Quicken Kayley M. Kruse Kayley M. Kruse 2 25.00
4    Huibuh Elizabeth A. Castellarin Elizabeth A. Castellarin 1 16.00
Horse: Exsar's Legacy
Owner: Kathy Henry
Rider: Gabrielle R. Adams
Shows: 4
Horse: Pull the Trigger
Owner: Isabelle A. Burr
Rider: Isabelle A. Burr
Shows: 3
Horse: Quicken
Owner: Kayley M. Kruse
Rider: Kayley M. Kruse
Shows: 2
Horse: Huibuh
Owner: Elizabeth A. Castellarin
Rider: Elizabeth A. Castellarin
Shows: 1

Judged in less than required shows

Last Updated 28 Apr 2021


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