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Schooling Show Riders as of May 22, 2024

Platinum Level (at least 100 points)
Mia G. Martello, Novice Rider
Daphne A. Uhlir, Novice Rider
Gold Level (at least 50 points)
Briana D. Batesole, Limit Rider
Elaine Blackstone, Walk/Trot Crosspoles
Florence Carr, Pre-Limit Rider
Katelyn E. Davis, Novice Rider
Alexis C. Elbert, Limit Rider
Parker E. Huffman, Walk/Trot/Canter Crosspoles
Alivia G. Jarvis, Pre-Limit Rider
Sophia Korman, Novice Rider Jumper
Sonia C. Ohrablo, Limit Rider
Cora Rains, Novice Rider Jumper
Chloe Rennels, Pre-Limit Rider
Marley Ann Smith, Limit Rider
Silver Level (at least 30 points)
Elaine Blackstone, Walk/Trot Groundpoles
Bella Chakraborty, Pre-Limit Rider
Annabella Goodall, Walk/Trot/Canter Crosspoles
Emery Jules, Limit Rider
Bella T. Matthews, Pre-Limit Rider
Gabriella Montez, Limit Rider
Eliana M. Moore, Novice Rider Jumper
Gabrielle Steinberg, Walk/Trot/Canter Crosspoles
Bronze Level (at least 17 points)
Kathryn George, Novice Rider
Taylor G. McFadden, Intro Jumper
Gabriella Montez, Pre-Limit Rider
Gabriella Siess, Limit Rider
Lilly Vitantonio, Walk/Trot/Canter Crosspoles
OPHA’s Future Stars
The 2024 Leadline Riders
Emmalynn S. Huffman
Kendal A. Huffman
High Score Honors

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