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2022 OPHA Awards Banquet

We hope you will join us at the
2022 OPHA Awards Banquet on
Friday, November 11, 2022 at Landerhaven.

Invitations for the banquet have been mailed!
Reservations are due by October 25,
and payment must accompany the reservation.

Please contact us if you haven't received yours at jlpowell516@gmail.com

12 Feb 22

Congratulations to Jenna Drago, our 2021 Laddie G. Andahazy Horseman's Cup Recipient.


3 Aug 21

The OPHA Awards Banquet will be on November 12, 2021 at Driftwood@Landerhaven. More details coming soon!

The OPHA Board has added a new rule governing horse shows: The OPHA abides by USEF rules and guidelines for suspended members. If any member of the OPHA is currently on the USEF Suspension List, that member as well as anyone doing business for or acting on behalf of said member, will not be permitted to attend or participate in any capacity at any OPHA sanctioned horse show, regardless of rating. Failure to comply will result in being asked to immediately vacate the horse show as well as a retraction of any points or awards earned. The venue and/or horse show manager/owner is responsible for checking the list of suspensions on the USEF website if there is a question of whether or not an exhibitor/trainer is allowed at the shows. Please refer to rule GR704 in the USEF rulebook for additional details.


OPHA Mission Statement

This organization is formed for the following purposes which include; to promote good sportsmanship and ethical conduct among all members of the organization; to create a healthy environment for young people with emphasis on learning responsibility, self-discipline and self-initiative; to encourage all members to play an active role in the association and to promote a feeling of comradery among all equestrians; to sponsor such educational activities such as forums, clinics, movies, and other informative publications and news-articles; to raise the quality of local horse shows; and to improve the local caliber of horses and riders to promote competition at the highest levels.

The Ohio Professional Horseman's Association is a Federal 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization, Federal ID number: 82-2935302, effective as of May 4, 2017. Contributions made to the OPHA are tax deductible. Our Letter of Determination from the IRS was received on August 13, 2018. Contact us regarding any inquiries and for a receipt for your donation(s). Thank you for supporting the OPHA!

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